An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 2

Dave Milligan


An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 2

20 April 2010

 TobermoryArrived on Mull just after lunchtime. Good to be back where it all started. Gordon Maclean is in good form as usual. Had a fairly predictable afternoon of soundcheck/eating /rehearsal/eating/coffee drinking/checking emails/eating etc…


Gig went very well. The wee room in An Tobar was full as usual, with a great atmosphere as usual. Browns was particularly well enhanced by the audience tonight. After the gig we ended up hanging in the said wee room for a relaxing drink. Tim did some excellent DJ-ing from the mixing desk, Tom B provided everyone with boomwhackers which we thrashed around for a good half hour (which amazingly only resulted in a couple of minor injuries), I played the drums badly along to Booker T, before everyone realised that if you put the boomwhackers over your ears, the music sounded weird yet at the same time, if I may borrow a phrase from a much earlier decade, “far out”.


The rest of the company were then treated to an impromptu and exclusive performance of the Scandinavian free improv duo “Knut & Thor”, who bare some resemblance to Tom B and myself, which is quite a coincidence. After that, the tunes flowed, and the An Tobar donations box filled up as musicians attempted to cure their munchies. Between 11pm & 6am there was some very lovely music, but there was a fair bit of nonsense too. And laughing. Lots of laughing.


Quote of the day: ” I think Dave has a vitamin-D deficiency…
Word of the day: “Rickets”