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Italy, Norway and Me

In a few days time I will perform a solo piano gig at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. It’s kind of a first for me.  Not the solo thing (although they’re something of a rare occurrence) – but it’s really the first gig that I’ll have done under my[…]

Just come in… no need to knock

I always intended to write a monthly blog. It appears to be turning in to more of an annual event. Ah well. I just wanted to let you know that I’m writing a new blog, and it’ll be up here in the next… well, any day now. *Coughs* In the[…]

December, Nativity, Steinway, Tony…

Well, hello December. I didn’t see you coming, and to be honest I’m not quite ready for you… However, you placed this sky outside my front door this morning so I forgive you. I’m looking forward to hooking up with Sardinian saxophonist Enzo Favata and his group for a concert in[…]

Norway, Shetland & Sardinia…

June 2014   As we watch June whooshing by, I just want to take a moment to let you know about a few things coming up. Next for me is a visit to the Førde Festival in Norway. I’ll be performing with String Sisters on Saturday 5th July. Always a joy[…]

Ever since it all clicked…

Ever since it all clicked, creating original music has been as important to me as anything else I do, as elemental as breathing. I do it nearly all the time, even when I’m not composing or playing.  At the age of six, I was sent for piano lessons. I remember[…]

Spring Can Really Fire You Up The Most

Here we are, Spring. I spent last week at Ardkinglas House by Loch Fyne. I was  hanging there with some pals from the Pathhead Music Collective, writing, sharing & practicing music. Turned out to be a very creative and inspiring week. Not difficult for me when the view from the[…]

The Problem Sweet

ADULT’S AGENDA vs. FOUR-YEAR-OLD’S AGENDA Yesterday I found myself with an unexpected childcare dilemma. Actually it wasn’t a dilemma at all – my four-year-old daughter got chicken pox last week, and naturally she couldn’t go to nursery as she usually does on a Monday. I reckon she’s past the infectious[…]

A Trip To Halifax

This is the story of a trip that the Dave Milligan Trio took for a gig in Halifax some years ago. At least, as I remember it. It’s epic, and possibly too long for a mere blog post but it kind of needs to be this long, and it’s all true.[…]

Calgary Bay

An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 3

21 April 2010   Today is technically a day off – still a gig to do in the evening, but no traveling or soundcheck. And what a cracker of a day. We decided to drive over to beautiful Calgary Bay on the north west of the island. Went to Martyn[…]


An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 2

20 April 2010  Arrived on Mull just after lunchtime. Good to be back where it all started. Gordon Maclean is in good form as usual. Had a fairly predictable afternoon of soundcheck/eating /rehearsal/eating/coffee drinking/checking emails/eating etc…   Gig went very well. The wee room in An Tobar was full as[…]