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Dave Milligan


Ever Since It All Clicked

Ever since it all clicked, creating original music has been as important to me as anything else I do, as elemental as breathing. I do it nearly all the time, even when I’m not composing or playing.  At the age of six, I was sent for piano lessons. I remember being very excited; it seemed like a fun thing to do – my great aunt had showed me how to play a simple tune on our piano, and I loved that. So I guess the idea of doing more – and being able to play ‘properly’ – was very appealing. As a professional musician and educator, perhaps I’m not expected to say this: but I hated it. After one or … READ FULL ARTICLE

Spring Can Really Fire You Up The Most

Here we are, Spring. I spent last week at Ardkinglas House by Loch Fyne. I was  hanging there with some pals from the Pathhead Music Collective, writing, sharing & practicing music. Turned out to be a very creative and inspiring week. Not difficult for me when the view from the piano stool was this: And, lucky ol’ me, heading off to another residential weekend in Galloway to do some mentoring for the Young Scottish Jazz Musician of The Year finalists. So, one of the things I’m working on at the moment is a new solo piano album. Can’t say when it will appear, as I just don’t know. But I’ll do my best to make it sooner rather than later. But … READ FULL ARTICLE

Stone Islands

STONE ISLANDS Stone Islands is a collaboration between Sardinian saxophonist, Enzo Favata, and Scottish musicians, Colin Steele and Dave Milligan. A  special 11 piece group, consisting of six Scottish and five Italian musicians, all leading players. Their music is rooted just as much in European folk musics – from the Mediterranean islands to the North Atlantic islands – as it is in jazz, and their spirited playing finds constant connections between Italian and Scottish traditions, as well as inspiring beautiful melodies and some astonishingly moving music. Dave Milligan (piano) Enzo Favata (saxophones) Colin Steele (trumpet) Riccardo Pittau (trumpet) Filippo Vignato (trombone) Phil O’Malley (trombone) Konrad Wiszniewski (tenor saxophone) Martin Kershaw (alto saxophone) Graeme Stephen (guitar) Danilo Gallo (bass) U. T. Gandhi (drums)       THE HERALD Rob Adams July … READ FULL ARTICLE

The Problem Sweet

ADULT’S AGENDA vs. FOUR-YEAR-OLD’S AGENDA Yesterday I found myself with an unexpected childcare dilemma. Actually it wasn’t a dilemma at all – my four-year-old daughter got chicken pox last week, and naturally she couldn’t go to nursery as she usually does on a Monday. I reckon she’s past the infectious stage, but rules are rules and we have to wait. Normally this sort of thing is fine – stuff happens and we deal with it. But on this particular Monday I had way more work to do than I should ever have taken on, and with my wife working in the US for two and a half weeks, my options were… well, limited. I’m faced with some large-scale music to … READ FULL ARTICLE

Friday 13th, a Small Elephant and a New Trio

This was a blog post I did for MySpace, which I thought I’d put up here too in the absence of any other blog contributions in the last 13 weeks. Even though it has nothing to with the Trio. At least not this trio. Friday the 13th has come and gone. Just another day for most folk, but some really do think it’s unlucky. I met someone this morning who told me that she’d made her son stay at home today, because on the last Friday 13th he crashed the brand new family car. I found myself imagining her getting home from work to find her son frantically trying to repair the completely demolished greenhouse, which he crashed into with … READ FULL ARTICLE