Dave Milligan


Dave Milligan – ‘The Wonderer’ (solo piano)

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Dave Milligan – Gloomy December

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Dave Milligan – Trio Improvisation

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Dave Milligan – ‘Walk Between The Worlds’

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dave milligan trio

An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 1

19 April 2010   Well, we have arrived in Perth for our first gig of the tour. And it would appear that we didn’t forget to bring anything. How unusual. We’re still waiting for the piano to arrive though. Not the easiest soundcheck I’ve ever done…   Today’s quote of[…]

New Trio dates

Wednesday, 4 November 2009     Some new dates for the trio – The next one is at the London Jazz Festival on November 21st – hope to see you there!   Nov 21 2009 London: Front Room,South Bank Centre Web: www.londonjazzfestival.org.uk   Jan 19 2009 Glasgow: Celtic Connections, GRCH[…]

Friday 13th, a Small Elephant and a New Trio

Saturday, 14 March 2009 This was a blog post I did for MySpace, which I thought I’d put up here too in the absence of any other blog contributions in the last 13 weeks. Even though it has nothing to with the Trio. At least not this trio.   Friday[…]

CD of the week!

Friday, 19 December 2008   Shops is CD of the week in today’s Scotsman newspaper. It also got a 4-star review in today’s Guardian A lovely review of our gig at The Lot appears in the Herald too. I hope Rob Adams doesn’t mind if I quote my favourite line[…]

A Lot of Joy

Thursday, 18 December 2008 We played at the Lot in Edinburgh last night, following a concert in An Tobar on Mull on Tuesday evening. I really enjoyed playing these gigs – both Toms were playing totally out of their skins, and that always raises the game for me. Much joy was felt[…]