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A Trip To Halifax

This is the story of a trip that the trio took for a gig in Halifax last December. At least, as I remember it. It’s epic, and possibly too long for a mere blog post but it kind of needs to be this long, and it’s all true. At least, as I remember it. For the purposes of this tale and to avoid confusion, Tom Bancroft will be referred to as Tom, and Tom Lyne will be referred to as Tomtom. There is also a GPS navigation system in this story, and I am aware that Tomtom is also a popular brand name of GPS system. This is purely coincidental.  The role of Geoff Amos will be played by himself, even … READ FULL ARTICLE

Real Shops

So I’ve just uploaded a few track excerpts as a wee preview to the CD “Shops” which will be released on December 16th. You can hear them here. The Trio were commissioned by Gordon Maclean at An Tobar, The Tobermory Arts Centre on the Isle of Mull to write music for some of their local shops. Yes, I said shops. Gordon wanted to celebrate the fact that all the shops in Tobermory are still family-owned and locally run – a rare thing in these times. It was probably the strangest and most beautiful project we’ve ever done, particularly as part of the deal was doing a small concert in each of the shops we wrote music for. And the CD … READ FULL ARTICLE