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Dave Milligan


Video: (There’s) Alway Tomorrow

Only a couple of takes that were used on the album Momento had the cameras running. This is one of them: (There’s) Always Tomorrow. Sharing it to celebrate the release of the CD (ahem… last week…:o/). Featuring maestros Danilo and U.T. and recorded by master engineer Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Studios in Italy. Currently working on an epic, large-ensemble re-imagining of this tune for release next year! Momento is available to buy on CD (& digitally) at https://davemilligan.bandcamp.com/ and downloadable form all major platforms. Cheers!

Limited edition MOMENTO on CD is on its way!

Tomorrow is Monday the 12th April. It’s a big day. I’m delighted to announce that the CD edition of ‘Momento’ is finally on its way to the pressing plant! The limited edition compact disc will be ready to ship out on May 12th, but is available to order now on Bandcamp. Just click on Shop > Albums in the menu above.

Seasonal Greeting 2020

Reflecting on 2020 is, I guess, what everyone will be doing around now and over the coming week or so. That’s what we do at the end of every calendar year, right? And we tend to always frame it as the end of something, looking forward to a new start. Which is weird, because we are most definitely in the middle of something right now. But I’m reflecting for the sake marking the time, and giving folks a wee update on what’s happening. Firstly, apologies to those waiting for the physical release of Momento. I had said earlier in the year that CDs would be available by the end of the year; and it just hasn’t been possible for me. … READ FULL ARTICLE