Technical problems… please wait

Dave Milligan

Technical problems… please wait

And… we’re up and running again!

Not usually one for posting about technical complaints, but just a quick line about the fact that the website has been off line for the last two months. The hosting account was hacked in March, and the hosting provider – – were simply unable to provide any kind of solution or support. All in all, a staggering display of incompetence and completely neglectful customer care. Not keen on naming and shaming, but if I can save anyone the trauma of ever having to deal with this company, then that’s something.

However, after several unspeakably frustrating weeks, a new hosting provider and much rebuilding, here we are. Website’s back on line. Yes, yes, I know you can see that my last post was almost 2 years ago. But we’re here now aren’t we? *coughs*

Got some lovely gigs coming up – will write about those soon. In the meantime, take a look at the dates… Hope to see you somewhere…