Seasonal Greeting 2020

Dave Milligan

Seasonal Greeting 2020

Reflecting on 2020 is, I guess, what everyone will be doing around now and over the coming week or so. That’s what we do at the end of every calendar year, right? And we tend to always frame it as the end of something, looking forward to a new start. Which is weird, because we are most definitely in the middle of something right now.

But I’m reflecting for the sake marking the time, and giving folks a wee update on what’s happening. Firstly, apologies to those waiting for the physical release of Momento. I had said earlier in the year that CDs would be available by the end of the year; and it just hasn’t been possible for me. I will endeavour to make this happen as early as I can in 2021.

As for the album itself, I’m delighted with the response and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has bough and downloaded it. Huge thanks also to the many wonderful humans that contributed to the conception, production and releasing of the music in to the world; including: Danilo Gallo, U.T. Gandhi, Stefano Amerio, Rob Adams, Alison Smith, Enzo Favata, Colin Steele and Corrina Hewat.

In addition to the release of Momento, September also saw the release of Joni, the latest album from the Colin Steele Quartet, which I also did some arranging for. It’s also been received extremely well – you can check out more about that over at Colin’s website

Other delightful things that have kept the spirits up during the strangest 9 months I can remember include:

An online performance with my old trio chums Tom Bancroft and Tom Lyne along with Stephen Henderson’s Modern Vikings, which was streamed by Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival Scottish Jazz Weekend, on 5th December 2020. Read a review here.

We also had the privilege of getting to play again the BBC’s Pacific Quay Studios for Radio Scotland’s ‘Jazz Nights’ programme, presented by Seonaid Aitken – this time with a special guest appearance by Corrina Hewat on Vocals. Available to listen again until mid-January on the BBC, if you’re in the UK.

Over the summer months, I had the pleasure of arranging some gorgeous music by Scott Murray for the recording of an album which took place in Castlesound Studios early in November. A mixture of original songs and instrumentals, it turned in to a wee gem of diverse styles and colours. As well as Scott and myself, the music was brought to life by Tom Lyne, Stuart Brown, Corrina Hewat, Mikey Owers and Phil Bancroft.

Earlier this month, I thoroughly enjoyed recording a few songs with the wonderful Karine Polwart and Eddi Reader for an online performance at the 2021 Celtic Connections festival in January.

October saw myself and Corrina Hewat performing a set for the 2020 Celtic Colours International Festival. Online edition, of course.

Other honourable mentions go to: Simon Thoumire, Mattie Foulds, Jake Morley, Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Playtime, Stephen Deazley, Love Music Productions, to name just a few.

There are plans for much more music in 2021, come what may, so stay tuned!

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas.