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  • Spring Can Really Fire You Up The Most

    Here we are, Spring. I spent last week at Ardkinglas House by Loch Fyne. I was  hanging there with some pals from the Pathhead Music Collective, writing, sharing & practicing music. Turned out to be a very creative and inspiring week. Not diff...

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  • An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 3

    21 April 2010   Today is technically a day off – still a gig to do in the evening, but no traveling or soundcheck. And what a cracker of a day. We decided to drive over to beautiful Calgary Bay on the north west of the island. Went to Martyn...

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  • An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 2

    20 April 2010  Arrived on Mull just after lunchtime. Good to be back where it all started. Gordon Maclean is in good form as usual. Had a fairly predictable afternoon of soundcheck/eating /rehearsal/eating/coffee drinking/checking emails/eating et...

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  • An Tobar Sessions Tour : Day 1

    19 April 2010   Well, we have arrived in Perth for our first gig of the tour. And it would appear that we didn’t forget to bring anything. How unusual. We’re still waiting for the piano to arrive though. Not the easiest soundcheck I...

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