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August passing…

Blimey. End of August approaching. Just checking in to let folks know about Islay Jazz Festival – always happy to be there for this beautiful weekend. Doing a few gigs, please check them out: https://www.islayjazzfestival.co.uk/

Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2019

I’ll be making a couple of appearances at this year’s Edinburgh Jazz Festival; Sunday 14th July, 6pm @ Teviot House A solo performance as part of a double bill with Italian pianist Fabio Giachino. Tickets & info HERE Wednesday 17th July, 9pm @ George Square Spiegeltent With the Colin Steele Quartet, playing the music of Joni Mitchell.Tickets & info HERE

Musical Diversions

Okay, I suppose this is what happens when you don’t post anything on your own website for 22 months, but much has happened in that time and there’s a lot to tell… First up, String Sisters. I’ve been playing with this group since 2001. Our first concert was at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections festival and while the gigs have been somewhat sporadic over the years that followed (only 4 of the 10 musicians in the band live in Scotland; the rest are scattered between Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the US), things have been a little busier of late. Last year, we recorded our 2nd album, Between Wind And Water – it was released in February of this year, and we’re off … READ FULL ARTICLE

Technical problems… please wait

And… we’re up and running again! Not usually one for posting about technical complaints, but just a quick line about the fact that the website has been off line for the last two months. The hosting account was hacked in March, and the hosting provider – JustHost.com – were simply unable to provide any kind of solution or support. All in all, a staggering display of incompetence and completely neglectful customer care. Not keen on naming and shaming, but if I can save anyone the trauma of ever having to deal with this company, then that’s something. However, after several unspeakably frustrating weeks, a new hosting provider and much rebuilding, here we are. Website’s back on line. Yes, yes, I … READ FULL ARTICLE

A Scotsman, two Italians and a Russian walk into a bar…

In a few days time I will perform a solo piano gig at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. It’s kind of a first for me.  Not the solo thing (although they’re something of a rare occurrence) – but it’s really the first gig that I’ll have done under my own name since – well, since a few things changed for me. It’s been a significant year in many ways. On a personal level there’s been some major shifts. Some devastating, some positive. But musically speaking, I now find myself on a slightly different path. Does it sound different? In some ways it does to me – it certainly feels different. And I’m not sure if I can articulate precisely … READ FULL ARTICLE